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Rain Soft has been the best water system for more then 20 yrs. I've noticed the water wasn't soft, making strange noises, and not using as much salt. The past 5 yrs. I've had several maintenance men come and no one could figure it out. Then with another attempt I called Rainsoft for another maintainence. I explained to Mike all the problems I'm having and then he went to work. When he finished the maintenance service on our water system he assured me it will work and I smiled and said "You'll be the first call I make if it doesn't" I new within in a week, no more loud noises, the water is getting softer and now I'm buying more salt's been more the a month and I am proud to say "No more problems....Thanks to Rainsoft and a service man named Mke!!

- Diana Hinich Wurzinger on 09/07/2017

I am so happy we decided to have Rain Soft in our house. I love CleanStart laundry system! Detergentless laundry system is just great! I have never thought it would work, however it works magic! My clothes are clean, fresh and in better condition without any detergent. Also, the fact that I have the water that is ready to drink is just incredible. No more bottled water! :) I would definitely recommend RainSoft to anyone.

- Asia Borzecki on 09/07/2017

The product and service is beyond exceptional! No other water system compares. Keep up the good work!

- Kelly Ann on 09/07/2017

I love the quality of products they offer and their ethical approach to this industry. We've used several of their systems in many of the houses we've built, and my clients always rave about how much they love it. Keep up the good work guys!

- Justin Fara on 09/07/2017

Excellent customer service, the field and office staff are awesome!! I will always call Rain Soft for my home water filtration needs!!! I am very satisfied.

- Claudine Cocola Williams on 09/07/2017

Installation available next day or whenever your schedule allows. The water tastes great and knowing my son is getting the best puts my mind at ease.

- Sullivan Christy on 09/07/2017

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